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    The Phone Case

    Published on October 1, 2015 by in News

    So my Lifeproof Fre case broke. The button cover came unsealed and I had noticed a little moisture around the edge of the finger print button. After removing the case I noticed the cover (very thin piece of plastic) was no longer attached and the back cover was warped. I decided to call Lifeproof and after a short hold and an email to send photos of my case they sent me a conformation that they are rush shipping me a new Lifeproof Fre v2 case. Now that’s what I call customer service.

    I ran and bought a Speck case so I would have some protection while I wait on my new #Lifeproof case. I swear by the Lifeproof case and will always trust my phones with one. Now as for the Speck case. Very nice form fitting, not at all bulky, has great protection, not any protection from dust, water, or any screen protection besides for the raised bumpers, but a great case for the price.

    If you do not need dust or water protection I would diffidently go with the Speck. It has great drop protection with its military grade plastic and rubber cushioning…. And it’s half the price of a Lifeproof case.

    If you want full protection from all the elements and built in screen protection… I highly recommend the Lifeproof!

    It would be nice if one day the iPhone was built with all this protection in mind. They spend millions of dollars in R&D to create one of the nicest phone designs just to have the consumer cover them up with a case. Come on Apple! I’m not going to leave the Android users out… The Galaxy phone line is remarkably beautiful and they have taken steps to build more durable phone shells and even water resistant.

    Whatever phone you have is a very large investment and should be treated with care. So stop buying those cheap ass cellphone cases in the middle of the mall and invest in a few extra bucks in a Lifeproof or Speck. Sorry Otterbox, but your plastic and rubber loses shape and strength in just a few weeks and I would not own another Otterbox.

    Have a nice day and thanks for reading.

    Your friendly neighborhood IT Guy,

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